Relocating with your pet...

                                                                                                                      …We are here to assist you !

You are planning on traveling or emigrating with your pet, but there is more to it than you would think. Luckily, Flying Dutch Pets is an expert in this field. With our logistics services, we will gladly advise you and bear this task with the greatest care and responsibility.

We will organize the logistic part and guide you through veterinary, airline and customs requirements.

With our love for animals and years of experience in pet relocation, Flying Dutch Pets arranges your pet’s flight with the utmost care. We are the travel agent for animals and are specialized in finding the best ways of traveling for your beloved dog, cat or rodent. You can focus on your own emigration with a clear conscience, while we take care of your pet’s emigration.

Whether your pet is flying as manifested cargo or excess baggage - Flying Dutch Pets takes care of them step by step so both you and your pet can enjoy your journey without any hassle.

Relocating with your pet, Flying Dutch Pets makes it easy!