Our package deals


You will be traveling by plane with your dog, cat, rabbit or rodent. To meet all your needs and wishes, Flying Dutch Pets offers clear packages at a fixed price.

Our packages can be complemented with several upgrades to fulfill your specific needs. Would you prefer a custom-made service?

We will gladly create the perfect service for you and your pet. This approach makes Flying Dutch Pets’ services unique, as we truly believe that traveling with your pet should be an easy and non-stressful experience.

Besides our First Class and Business Class packages, we offer a VIP service (Very Important Pet), for which we will personally accompany your pet from A to B.

Prices are excluding airfreight and an IATA travel container, as these depend on the final destination and the size of your pet.

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Business Class provides the most important services to get your pet to its final destination with peace of mind.


  • Intake at your home residence (up to 50 km from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport)
  • Delivery of your pet to Schiphol Airport (the Cargo Warehouse)
  • Airwaybill (= airfreight letter)
  • Custom papers and formalities
  • Check veterinary documents
  • 24-hrs call back service in case of delay or cancellation flight
  • When you already own a transport kennel I will check if it is approved by the airline
  • Calming treats, drops (all natural) or (feliway) spray

Excluding, because these costs depend on the final destination and your pets size/weight:

  • Airfreight
  • IATA travel container
  • All veterinary costs

First Class offers a full-service package at a fixed price! It’s the best choice, especially when emigrating to Australia or New Zealand.

Including everything mentioned in the Business Class service, plus:

  • Pick up at your Dutch residency (up to 50 km from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport)
  • Animal Hotel (first night only)
  • Veterinary schedule customized for your pet
  • Consult by phone with the vet (this can be your own vet or one on our advice)
  • Blanc copy International Veterinary Health Certificate
  • Endorsement of all documents by the Dutch authorities ‘Nederlandse Voedsel & Warenautoriteit’ (FDA), when applicable

Excluding, because these costs depend on the final destination and your pets size/weight:

  • Airfreight
  • IATA travel container
  • All veterinary costs

Would you prefer a custom-made, door-to-door service?

Are you departing from a different airport than Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

Do you need your pet imported at Schiphol?

Do you have a special request? Do you have a special pet like an emotional support animal, a bird or a snub-nosed breed?

Or are you part of a moving company or expat service and looking for a Business 2 Business quotation?

Then feel free to contact us to discuss all your wishes.

Extra services

If you demand any other services, the following upgrades can be booked separately:

  • Animal hotel, for more than one night (if necessary, we will take your pet to the vet for the needed health documents)
  • Grooming, washing and nail clipping at a certified animal grooming salon
  • Pick up service in Belgium and Germany
  • Import service in the country of destination
  • Import service in the country of destination, including home delivery 
  • Import service Schiphol Airport
  • Home delivery, road transport the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
  • Vet appointment in Amsterdam