Travel container

It is important you choose the right sized container for your pet to travel in. You need to ensure that your pet has enough space to turn normally while standing, to be able to stand and sit erect and to lie in a natural position. We can inform you on the correct size, we do however first need some sizes to advise you correctly. We have suitable travel containers in stock for a fair price, so you don't have to look any further. After purchasing we can send it to your house within one week so your pet can get adjusted to it before the flight.

First measure your dog's length and height length as per illustration on the right.                               

  • Length from tip of the nose to the base of the tail (A)
  • Height whilst standing in a normal position, from the ground up to the top of his head (B)

Measure as precise as possible, to avoid the airline refusing your pet due to an unsuitable sized container.

Cats that weigh less than 4 kg travel in size small

Cats that weigh 4 kg or more and snub-nosed breeds travel in a size medium

Good to know

  • Schiphol Airport has animal checkers which will refuse your transport kennel when it is not the correct size or according to airline regulations.
  • When a transport kennel has been approved in the past this is not a guarantee it will get accepted in the future.
  • The transport kennel will be your own after purchasing - it is not possible to rent one.
  • If you already own a transport kennel we can tell you if it is suitable for air travel for your pet.
  • When you send us the exact measurements plus one picture of the front and one picture of the side we can give you direct advice.


Next, to the size, the construction needs to be in line with specific regulations. These can be found in the IATA Live Animal Regulations. In short, the container needs to be:

  • Sturdy, waterproof, well ventilated
  • Upper and lower shell screwed together (NO click system)
  • Metal bar door
  • Door lock secure (NO padlocks)

On the right, an example of an accepted and not accepted travel container.


Travel containers as per IATA regulations

We have all six sizes containers in stock and offer them at advantageous rates.

  • P-100 - Small
  • P-200 – Medium
  • P-300 – Intermediate
  • P-400 – Large
  • P-500 – Extra Large
  • P-700 – Giant

* For the big boys and girls, we offer custom-made wooden crates. Keep in mind our carpenter needs approx. 2 weeks for building!