To the vet

There are several veterinary requirements that need to be taken into account when traveling abroad with your pet.

Think of an ISO microchip for identification, vaccinations, blood tests, a valid health certificate, endorsement of documents by the competent state authorities, parasite treatments and all other documents, such as an import permit or making arrangements with a quarantine station when applicable.

When traveling to certain countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, you will have to start the preparations as early as six months prior to your departure.

The veterinary import requirements that apply to your pet depend on the governmental authorities of the country you are traveling to.

This information can be inquired at the respective embassy. Loads of information can also be found online, but please do note that information may no longer be up to date as requirements often change over time.

Besides the requirements of the country you are traveling to, the airlines will also require a health declaration which has to be no older than one week.

Many destinations will require legalization of the veterinary documents by a state veterinarian. You can make an appointment with the ‘NVWA Nederlandse Voedsel & Warenauthoriteit’ (FDA) to get this done. If you are not able to do this yourself for any reason (for example, if you are already abroad) Flying Dutch Pets will take over this task. Please contact our pet travel agent for more information.

Flying Dutch Pets takes care of everything!

Flying Dutch Pets offers a unique service which includes setting up a customized veterinary schedule including a clear timeline. Thanks to this schedule, you will know exactly what steps you need to undertake for your pet’s relocation and when to schedule the necessary appointment(s) with your vet.

  • If you choose our First Class package, the veterinary schedule is included in the price.
  • A check-up to see if all veterinary documents meet the requirements is included in both the First Class, Business Class and Custom package.
  • Even if you don’t book your flight through Flying Dutch Pets, for example, because you are travelling with your pet as excess baggage, we can still provide you with a veterinary schedule. The costs for this unique service are € 50.00. 

Flying Dutch Pets takes care of you and your precious pets

Contact us directly for a veterinary schedule and embark on your journey with peace of mind.