General terms and conditions Flying Dutch Pets 2024


Flying Dutch Pets takes care of your pet’s relocation. We provide various services to meet your needs and wishes.

We offer First Class, Business Class, VIP and custom-made packages. Even when your pet travels as check-in baggage, we will be there to assist you and your beloved four-legged friend every step of the way.

To make traveling with your pet as easy as a walk in the park, we can assist you with the following:

  • Reservation of cargo space on the airline of your choice
  • Picking up your pet in the Netherlands or any other country in Europe
  • Temporary accommodation in an animal hotel or home stay
  • IATA transport kennels incl. comfy non slip bedding and water bowls
  • Prepare the customs declaration at Schiphol
  • Assistance with the veterinary import requirements
  • Endorsing documents at the Dutch ‘Voedsel en Warenauthoriteit’ (FDA) 
  • Import services of your pet, and home delivery service in the country of destination
  • Import of your pet at Schiphol

Reservation of cargo space

Airlines do not accept freight bookings from private individuals, which is why Flying Dutch Pets mediates between the airline and you as a pet owner.

To make a booking, it is necessary for us to receive the completed booking form at least one week prior to departure. You are, of course, free to hand it in earlier.

*Please consult our last minute procedure for reservations made less than a week before departure.

There are a few cases in which we need your booking at least fourteen days prior to departure, or possibly earlier. Namely when:

  • It is needed to build a custom-made wooden kennel
  • Your pet flies with Emirates
  • Your final destination is Australia or New Zealand
  • Flying Dutch Pets has to mediate with a local agent during the import processing at the final destination

Pet pick-up service

Flying Dutch Pets can collect your pets anywhere in Europe by our dedicated driver.

Or pick up your pet from Schiphol Airport Arrivals Gate 4 after arrival when traveling with your pet as check-in baggage.

In case of an import, we pick up your pet from the warehouse of the corresponding airline and, if desired, bring them home.

Temporary accommodation

 Flying Dutch pets will reserve an animal hotel for your pet in case temporary accommodation before or after arrival at Schiphol may be necessary.

When staying at an animal hotel, certain vaccinations are mandatory.

Required vaccinations for your dog:

The yearly cocktail vaccination and the nasal kennel cough vaccine. You can recognize these from the Nobivac KC or Bronchi-Shield sticker in your pet passport (no. 8 must be circled).

Both vaccinations must not be older than one year and must be given no later than one week before the stay in the animal hotel. If your dog has been vaccinated for the first time or has not had any vaccinations for a long time, then the vaccinations need to be done three weeks before the stay.

We also accept a valid titer determination, provided that it is no older than three months.

For cats, the vaccination against cat flu and Feline Panleukopenia (FPV) is mandatory.

This vaccination must be no older than one year and must be given no later than one week before the stay. If your cat has been vaccinated for the first time or has not had any vaccinations for a long time, then the vaccination has to be done three weeks before the stay. The titer determination cannot be accepted with regard to cats.

IATA travel kennels

Your pet must travel in a kennel that is in accordance with the IATA requirements (= International Air Transport Association). An IATA travel container will allow your pet to travel safely and sufficiently ventilated and is accepted by all airlines.

Please visit for more information.

The kennels can be delivered at home prior to departure, giving your pet some time to get used to it. 

Snub-nosed breeds

Cats and dogs of snub-nosed breeds often suffer from (hereditary) respiratory diseases. They are more sensitive to heat and are therefore more likely to have strokes and breathing problems when exposed to stress or extreme heat. Please consider carefully whether this is a risk you are willing to take. Note that most airlines do not allow these breeds on board, or only permit them under certain conditions.

In consultation with the airline, we will pay extra attention to this matter and will do everything in our power to ensure your pet’s safety during the flight. In some unfortunate cases, however, we will advise you not to book a flight.

A kennel one size larger than usual is required for these special animals. Flying Dutch Pets will supply an extra water bowl, and if necessary, a cooling mat, for extra comfort.

Please ask us about the possibilities.

Customs procedures

All freight shipments leaving the Netherlands must be cleared through customs.

Flying Dutch Pets will take care of the declaration. Inquire about the customs procedures in the country of destination well in advance. The recipient must take into account any import duties and/or costs for the warehouse facilities. In certain countries, the help of an agent is required during the customs clearing procedure. In case of an import, Flying Dutch Pets takes care of the customs clearance at Schiphol.

Social media

We may post photos and updates about your pet(s) on our social media accounts.

Please let us know if you do not want your pet to be featured on our social media. We fully understand this and will refrain from posting anything about them on our Facebook and/or Instagram account @flying_dutch_pets.

We would very much appreciate it if you could let us know how your pet is doing after arriving at its destination.


Cancellation fees

More than 2 weeks before departure:                     No extra costs*

*excluding our deposit for our handling & all costs paid in advance with your consent.

Within 14 days before departure:                            € 100,00

Within 7 days before departure:                             25% of the total quotation price

KLM charges a no-show fee:                                   Air freight costs

Change fees (regarding the departure date, address details, pet and/or kennel sizes, etc.)

More than 7 days before departure:                        No extra costs

Within 7 days before departure:                              € 75,00

Last Minute procedure

If you would like to make a booking within five days before departure, we will have to assess on a case-by-case basis whether this is still possible. As the planning for timely booked shipments has already been fixed by then, we will have to see if there is still room in our planning and at the airline. If there is a possibility to realize the booking at this short notice, we will charge a last minute surcharge of € 150,00.

The following matters are of importance in case of a last minute booking:

Are all the necessary data needed for the booking available?       Consult our booking form

Are all necessary veterinary papers complete?                             Depending on the destination

Is there still room in our planning?                                              Depending on the departure date

Does the airline still have space left on the flight?                       Depending on date and flight

Can the so-called Ok to Forward* be arranged in time?                Depending on time zone and response

*Ok to Forward procedure = The airline calls the receiving party to confirm that your pet will be picked up at the destination airport.

After-hours surcharge

If the delivery to the airline takes place before 8:30 AM or after 5:00 PM, we are obliged to charge € 150,00.

(When you book the First Class Service this is not applicable in most cases).

For imports the out of office surcharge is € 190,00

Weekend surcharge      € 375,00 (only on special request)

Early bird weekend fee for imports € 75,00 (when handling is before 08:00 AM)

Transport payments

The invoice must at all times be paid before departure.

This can be done in exact cash, by bank, credit card +5% or PayPal +5%

We do not accept banknotes above 100 euros.

The offers are subject to interim rate changes of the airlines.

Flying Dutch Pets cannot be held responsible for any delay’s or flight changes made by the airline.

When submitting the booking form, you agree with the conditions as stated above and with the  Dutch expedition terms

Costs on the quote are excl. VAT unless mentioned different (for EU shipments / transfers only)

Crates / kennels provided without an international transport are invoiced including VAT.

Please note Flying Dutch pets only processes your booking when all information is complete.

As mentioned on our booking form or emails with request for additional information.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us.

We are happy to explain and assist in any matter.

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