Pets as excess bagagge

Congratulations! It must be such an exciting experience for you to go on a holiday or move abroad together with your beloved pet.

In many cases, your cat or dog can easily travel with you by booking them as extra baggage. They will either travel in a ventilated compartment of the airplane or together with you in the cabin. This last option only goes for the tinier ones among them.

The regulations vary per airline, so make sure to always check your carrier’s website.

Would you like to know more about when to book your pet as manifested cargo? Find out here.

Booking your pet as excess baggage - it’s easy as pie. Everything has been taken care of, you have your tickets and you have booked your pet as extra luggage with the airline you will be flying with. 

But… What exactly are the veterinary import requirements of your destination country?

You get lost in a jumble of information from different websites, your vet, and the airline, and you don’t know which way to turn.

No need to panic! Flying Dutch Pets has a unique service for everyone departing from the Netherlands, which makes planning your trip like a walk in the park. With a little help, there is no need to worry about forgetting any veterinary import requirements:

  • Contact us at
  • Send us the final destination and travel date (do so when the flight has already been booked).
  • Attach all your pet’s available veterinary documents, such as the EU pet passport.
  • We will get back to you straight away with the payment details for this service.
  • You will receive a custom-made veterinary schedule with a timeline, so you know exactly what vaccinations are needed when you need to schedule the appointment with your vet, and what other steps should be taken.

Yes, it really is that simple!


Speaking of making life easier, you don’t have to look any further for the right travel container either. You can order one right here.

The perfect travel container (in accordance with the IATA regulations) can easily be ordered with us.

Measure and weigh your dog accurately. You do not have to measure your cat, as only their weight and breed are necessary to determine the right size. In case you are travelling with a rabbit or rodent, always contact us first.

  • Pick the right sized travel container or contact us for personal advice.
  • The container will be delivered to your house within one week.

We stock all standard sizes* for the best price!

Check out our travel container page for more information on how to measure your dog, or download our ‘step by step relocation E-Book’ for measurement advice and tips on how to let your pet get used to its new travel container.

*Please note that a custom-made wooden travel container will require at least a two weeks’ notice.

Don't look any further for the perfect travel container!   

You can order it right here